Hi, I am Dragana Spica,

Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT) and Certified Hypnotherapist.

My mission is to empower you so you recognise and identify with your own beauty, significance, resilience and potential.

“You teach best what you most need to learn”

Until the age of 35, I had struggles with my career, was in unfulfilling romantic relationships and also went through a painful divorce. The divorce left me feeling even worse, insignificant, empty and confused. Some time after going through a pattern of unhelpful throughs I was determined to get clarity as to WHY I was making the choices I had made and WHY I was feeling the way I did about myself.

"Understanding is power"

I realised that this was all due to my own beliefs that I was not good enough, not significant enough, and that I had no voice.

After years of traditional talk therapy, reading and researching on emotional well being and attending workshops and seminar on self development I have discovered RTT. Through my RTT training and dedicated practice, I was able to change these adopted beliefs.

I am now in a loving relationship and am pursuing my life and career goals. I am confident, proud and feel empowered about having my own voice. I am now using my voice to guide you that you too can live your life feeling free, joyful and empowered.

You too can get fast and permanent life changing results.

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Love and passion know no borders

I have been passionate about discovering different cultures since I was at university. I attended international student exchanges and international student seminars at the time when I had to queue in front of embassies of different countries in Serbia to be granted a travel visa.

I love diversity and connecting with people from different backgrounds and countries. I have lived in the United States, France, Germany, Turkey and in London, where I am still living today. I remember talking to my mother while I was studying for a master's degree in Turkey, and telling her, “mom, people are just people, all over the world”. I could always see resilience, potential and significance in every single person I would meet anywhere in the world.


What I always believed in is that you can only truly and permanently fix something once you understand it and get to the root cause of it. After discovering that this is exactly what RTT does, and in a single session, I was absolutely sure I wanted to train in RTT and get those skills so I can help more people and help them more efficiently and with long lasting results.